Popcorn Fundraiser Information - 2019

Four Ways to Sell Popcorn

Your scout has four options for selling popcorn.

  • Store sales. The pack has reserved time slots at retailers (see below) where we set up a display. This is a great way to reach a large number of customers who like to support scouts.
  • Show and sell. Pick up popcorn items from our pick-up site and sell it to friends, neighbors, etc., directly. Just be sure to return any product that you don't sell no later than October 16.
  • Take Orders. Do this in combination with Show and Sell. Using the order form, gather orders for any of the product types listed. You will turn in the forms and money by October 17. Popcorn from Take Orders will be ready for distribution on October 24, if we have them in stock. Otherwise they will be available before November 21.
  • Online Orders. If you have family and friends who live elsewhere, use the online sales option. All of the products are available online. Your customers will need to pay the shipping costs associated with online orders.

Store Sales

Use this link to sign up for popcorn sales.... trails-end.com

You will need to create an account with your scout's name. Create a password. Then, choose Prairieland council, Prairie Fire council, and Pack 98 during log in. This will link you to our page within trails-end where you will find and be able to sign up for any store fronts!

Scouts must be in Uniform to sell popcorn at stores - Class A is preferred.

Here's the sales pitch for the scouts to use:

“Hi sir / ma’am, my name is _____________,  and I’m a scout with Pack 98. 
 We’re selling popcorn to help raise money for our Pack. 
 You can help us by buying some of our delicious popcorn. 
 You’ll help us out, won’t you? " 

What we ask of parents for store selling:

  1. One adult must remain with the kids the entire time.
  2. Do not leave a sales site unattended. (If no one shows up for the next shift, call the hotline! (217 841-7202)
  3. When you show up, you’ll get a cash bag. It will have starter change, a check-out sheet, and PayAnywhere instructions.
  4. Keep all cash and checks. (Checks should be to “Pack 98 Cub Scouts”)
  5. Track the items sold and the time & amount of credit card sales on sheets provided.
  6. At the end of your shift, total the sales and write the names of the scouts.
  7. Put everything back in the cash bag.
  8. Give the cash bag to a leader, or the next shift. (If someone gives you one, put full cash bags in your car, please!)

PayAnywhere Setup

If you have a smartphone, please consider installing the PayAnywhere app to take credit cards.

  1. Install the PayAnywhere app from your favorite App Store (Android or iPhone).
  2. CONTACT us for the username and password: champaignpack98@gmail.com
  3. Set a PIN - This is specific to your install of PayAnywhere on your device, choose something you can remember
  4. Connect the card reader to the headphone jack.
  5. Turn the Audio volume (music or headphone volume, NOT the ringer) all the way up on your device.

Suggestions for selling

  1. Encourage the scouts to follow the script. More than anything, just get them to start with “Hello my name is…”
  2. Focus the scouts on making eye contact with people.
  3. Stop the scouts from fidgeting when they talk to people.
  4. Praise good efforts - not results!
  5. Ask everyone, but leave employees alone.
  6. Leave siblings at home, if possible.

Show and Sell

This method is an easy way to sell to neighbors and friends who are local. You will give them the popcorn immediately, and take payment on the spot.

Please track popcorn sold on your Order Form.

If your scout is selling in their neighborhood, we strongly suggest wearing a uniform- class A preferred. Please also see the Sales and Safety Tips, below.

Here's the address of the warehouse:

  • TBD

If you pick up popcorn to sell, we'll record what you take. You either bring back the money or the unsold popcorn by October 17. It's that easy!

Take Orders

“Take orders” means that you take an order… and deliver the popcorn in late October or November.

It's important to fill out the order form with a name, address, and phone number.

It's also VERY IMPORTANT to get the payment up front.

Online Orders

Sales and Safety Tips

Selling Tips and Safety Tips

Please remember that going through the process of selling popcorn is an opportunity for your scout to gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Selling popcorn can be challenging for anyone the first time. This program helps them overcome their fear of trying something new as well as the fear of embarrassment/failure when they ask someone to buy the popcorn. But, we learn and grow the most when we are challenged just outside of our comfort zone. And you will be surprised how much this event can significantly impact your child.

We provide as many retail locations as possible to make the process even easier for you. We handle bringing the popcorn and removing it from the locations. All you need to do is show up with your scout. There should always be 2 scouts at each location, so encourage your scout but don't push your scout too hard to approach people. While the scout is getting use to the situation he/she will see the other scout going through the process and realize it can be a fun activity and join in when he/she is ready. Helping stack popcorn or count money can also be ways to get your “not quite ready” scout comfortable and engaged with the situation.